2023 Announcement

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Promofuse!

2022 has been a bit of a mixed bag. While my family and I have been very blessed, there have also been some ups and downs that have forced me to step back and look at Promofuse as a whole. I’ve been fortunate enough to have run my own business since 2010, building a network of great customers and many that I now consider friends. It’s been so great to become an integral part of your businesses, churches, and organizations. I can’t fully express how much I love turning your ideas into tangible products or being a part of someone’s dream to start their own business. It’s something that just feeds my soul and gives me a passion to go to work each day.

Now I can already hear you thinking to yourself: “Uh-oh. Where are you going with this, Brady?”

Well, it’s kind of what you think…but also NOT what you think. If you have two minutes, you might check out the 2023 Announcement video below for the bullet points and then read on below.


For those of you still reading, here's what's happening...

I’m bringing on a new partner/co-owner/CEO. Starting in early 2023, my good friend Matthew Hart will be taking over the majority of operations at Promofuse. I will retain my role as majority owner and President of the company, but Matthew will be acting as your primary contact and helping me build Promofuse to actually expand some of our offerings, as well as grow our team in the very near future. I fully trust Matthew, stemming from the two of us having many in-depth conversations about the heart of what I have built Promofuse to be, out of which we have come to realize we share many of the same passions of how to treat our customers, the services we offer, and the quality-level that we provide. I have no doubts that Matthew is uniquely qualified to continue to give you the same level of deliverables and service that you have come to expect from Promofuse and me personally. It’s not just about his abilities as a great designer or ridiculously experienced marketing whiz (which he is), but also about his compassionate and honest approach with people as not just customers, but on a human level that I have rarely seen with many other people I know. He’s definitely the right guy for the job and I’m excited for you to meet him.

So, why the change?

Around July of this year (2022), I started feeling like something needed to change. Like there was a “next step” around the corner. I didn’t know what it was, but I had voiced to my family and some close friends that I knew that something was on the horizon, and I was kind of excited about it. Then, out of the blue around late September, I got a call from a local company called Smooth Fusion, and they were interested in talking to me about some opportunities. Turns out, that opportunity was in the form of a job as their Director of UX/Design. As a company that serves well-known national clients and has an absolutely amazing company culture, I knew this was exactly what I had been waiting for. They have even been kind enough to allow me until early next year to facilitate the transition of my business to Matthew, as well as allow me to retain ownership of Promofuse without fear of our clientele overlapping since we really service different industries. That means I will still have a Promofuse email, be involved in some of the big decision-making, and stay plugged into what’s going on with regular meetings with Matthew and other future management. So while Matthew will be your point of contact and running the day-to-day, please know that I’m still around and haven’t left Promofuse necessarily, but am more just acting as a bit of a silent partner and advising as needed to make sure we don’t miss a step in continuing to provide great services and products.

What to expect moving forward...

Immediately, there’s not much that is changing. I will send out an email in January letting you know when to start directing all correspondence to Matthew. If you would like to contact him in the meantime or want to go ahead and start directing your questions to him, you can do so at matthew@promo-fuse.com.

One thing we do have to address, which doesn’t have as much to do with this new transition, but is more of a change that I had been planning on implementing, is web hosting prices. Our current hosting prices for the services and features we offer is simply unsustainable moving forward. Most of our competitors are charging between $50-$150/mth for less dependable hosting with far fewer features than we offer. In order for us to continue to deliver dependable/scalable cloud hosting, reliable offsite backups, security/feature updates, maintenance, and more, we simply have to re-evaluate our pricing to our customers and make sure it’s in line with the premium services we offer. The good news is, we will be offering a discounted price to our current web customers for 2023 to help ease in these changes. Please be on the lookout in the coming days for an email that goes into detail about these changes, as they will be affecting those prices starting on January 1st.

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU

for your continued business over 12+ years. Promofuse isn’t going anywhere. I am fully confident that our best days are ahead and glad to have you all as part of this journey.

God bless you and your family in the coming holiday season and I hope you have a sensational 2023!

Brady Miller
Promofuse, llc

Promofuse is now part of

We are excited to join the Speedsquare family to offer an extended suite of digital strategy services in addition to our web design services. Thank you to our wonderful customers over the years. We look forward to continuing to serve you through this new partnership.